Week 2 has come and gone and now I am more than halfway through this trip. Feels like yesterday I was hopping on a 13 hour flight scarred out of my mind. Now I feel much more settled. Obviously not physically settled since every 3 days or so I am back on a plane heading […]


Day 1 on my big Down Under trip. To say it was hard, and my anxiety was trying me is an understatement. My flight didn’t leave until 6 PM on March 1st so my mind had all day to freak me out. My heart was racing and I was nauseous and light headed. I contemplated […]

Mini Cooper VS. The Pacific Northwest (A Roadtrip Reflection)

In the later part of my young life I have been taken aback by the beauty of the harsh northern pacific beaches, and the steep mountainsides. The Pacific Northwest (PNW) has all of this to spare. I have wanted to visit Seattle and Portland since I’ve graduated and started thinking about good places to live. […]