In this day and age there are many injustices in the world from police brutality to the Great Pacific Garbage Patch to the daily suffering of animals. I refuse to believe people in this world have stopped caring, so I am writing to you. You may have come here to discover ways to change what you do everyday to combat various injustices our only planet faces by the minute. Your choices, behaviors, and voice have the power to change our world.

As well as caring for the physical world, we need to remember our own minds and bodies. I practice yoga to keep self-care in my daily routine. Not only is yoga an exercise, it is a way of thinking. Yoga is translated as “to yoke” or “to bind” the mind and body. Often modern yoga forgets the mind and I wish to share my practices to better my mind and think kinder thoughts of myself and others.

I believe that our buying choices are individual votes that tell companies what we want. To live this I started buying cruelty free products a year ago. More recently I have gone vegan, and this is changing my buying choices even more.

The name “Sand, Sun, Saltwater” started when I went to college in Florida in 2012. I am from California so sunshine is not something I can live without. I renamed my Instagram that fall to @sandsunsaltwater because they were all the things that make me happy. Now there are more things, but being in nature in all of its forms is still very important to me. I used that love for nature to find my passion in my degree Environmental Studies, and in how I live my life. Follow my ethical journey to learn from my mistakes and experiences.