Bali Itinerary

This whole itinerary has been saved in my phone since I have been back home and I am so happy I did it, because after reading it over, there would have been no way I could have remembered the names of the Indonesian restaurants and how I felt about the sightseeing. I loved how I spent my trip in Bali, I would totally recommend doing it how I did.

Since I was bouncing around in Australia and New Zealand, this part of my trip was all about relaxation. I stayed on the island of Bali instead of island hopping. I was tired of all forms of transit, so I stayed in the same spots for longer. I was in Bali for 9 days in March 2018 and I think that was a perfect amount of time for a first visit.

Day 1

I got to my hotel, Bumi Ubud (review to come), the night before and had room service and passed out. My hotel has free shuttles to the center of Ubud so I took the first one to get breakfast in town. It was a simple breakfast in a cafe I had come across.

I did some shopping in the morning. I did some bargaining but the price in US dollars was so low already I wasn’t too bothered with trying to get it super low.

I had lunch at a gluten free cafe and then went back to my hotel and chilled by the pool. Dinner was at my hotel and they made an amazing green curry. This whole day was a very chill day to rest from traveling the day before. I am pretty sure I took a bath every night I was at the Ubud hotel.

Day 2

I went to town again and had breakfast at the Ibu Susu cafe. I had a fresh pressed juice and these mandarin pancake rolls. Everything I ate in Bali was so clean and delicious. What I truely loved about this restaurant was the reusable straws, cloth napkins and clean mineral water in big jugs instead of you having to buy a single bottle of water . Bali is notorious for single use plastics like straws and water bottles. The water is a hard one to avoid because the tap water will make you sick.

Then I got a pedicure at Ubud Exclusive Spa. It was clean cheap and they did a good job. I did some more shopping for family, friends, and of course me. I then went to De’warung for lunch and had the avocado wrap. The sauce they used was super good and they did a great job on the Mexican rice and beans on the side. It was so easy to find vegan food in Bali, everything is noted if it was vegan or vegetarian and the servers knew how to fix something to make it vegan.

I stayed a little longer in Ubud than the day before so I walked around a bit, but it started getting hot so I got a sushi roll for a snack and some chilled kombucha to cool down.

When I got back to the hotel I stayed inside and took a bath to get all the sweat off. I had the amazing green curry at the hotel restaurant again.

Day 3

I was extra lazy this day and spent the whole day at the hotel. A friend I met in New Zealand was going to meet me in Bali so I wanted to chill before going to the airport that night. I had a delicious fruit breakfast with some toast. I don’t like having too big of breakfasts.

I hung out at the pool the whole time and read and swam. Bumi Ubud has an infinity pool overlooking some rice terraces so it was super relaxing. I found out on day 2 that I was the only person staying there that week so I had the whole pool and resort to myself.

I knew how cheap it was to get a facial and massage so I booked it for that day. It was about $40 for a combo massage then facial. The facial was pretty basic but the massage was great. That was my first massage and I had bruises on my calves but I didn’t mind.

I tried the “Bencurd Bencake” with a sweet and sour sauce, it was alright but the sauce was peanutty and I’m not a huge fan of savory food with a lot of peanuts. The sauce was best with the tofu and rice not the Bencakes. A chilled for a few hours and then went to the airport with my driver to pick up Ryan.

Day 4

Ryan and I had breakfast at the hotel and I had the fruit and toast again. The restaurant at the hotel is overlooking the pool and rice fields so the view is just beautiful and serene.

We stuck with our driver from the night before to go out sightseeing the whole day. First we went to the Tegenungan Waterfall. I figured it would be best to get the hiking out of the way earlier in the day since it was consistently so hot and humid. That was a good idea but it still was insanely hot. That day we couldn’t get into the main waterfall but there was a smaller one that we got into and rinsed off. When we hiked back to the top, Ryan and I stopped for a Bintang and I got a mango popsicle to cool off. I also took this opportunity to use the bathroom and change out of my bathing suit.

Then our driver suggested the Pura Tirta Empul (Holy Water Temple) and it was so beautiful and powerful. You must wear a sarong since it is a temple, and if you didn’t bring one, they have some for you to borrow. If you are going to get into the water, they have specific sarongs for that. I wish we had known we were going here because I wanted to get in so bad but I had already taken my bathing suit off. I did throw some water on my face and arms and the water definitely had an energy to it.

Last we went to the Tegalalang Rice Terrace. Before we walked down, we had a late lunch at one of the cafes there, the food was simple but the view was so cool. When we were done, we walked the terraces. This is where you see all those photos on the swings. I almost paid to go on the swing but it was getting late and Ryan and I were tired.

The plan was to also go the the Monkey Forest but it was closed by the time we left the rice terrace. When we got back to the hotel, it was too late to go to the hotel restaurant but I was so full, it didn’t matter to me.

Day 5

Since we missed the monkey forest the day before, that was the main thing on our agenda that day. We started with breakfast at a French-styled restaurant called Cafe du Monyet (this is monkey in Indonesian which was perfect for what we planned to do that day). This place was amazing. I like mixing up cuisines in my week, if I eat the same thing all the time, I get bored. I had the caprese baguette, but regretted the mozzarella later in the day. The side salad I got was the size of the salads I make at home and could’ve been a meal in itself, so I loved it. The french dressing was so good.

The Ubud Monkey Forest is in the main town of Ubud so it is really easy to get to. It was such a cool experience. Monkeys used to be my favorite animal. They were definitely cute but also a bit rascal-y. One hopped from Ryan to me and found my lens cap in an outside pocket and ran off. I went to get a security guard and when we got back a family behind us had managed to lure it with real food and get it to drop it. The dad was a photographer and saw immediately what the monkey had stolen and had taken control.

I would totally recommend buying bananas and letting them jump on you. They are pretty gentle if you aren’t trying to keep the bananas from them. Their fur is so soft.

When we got back to the hotel we quickly took one last dip in the pool and we took off for the second hotel in Canggu. It was about an hour drive and I fell asleep.

We got settled and then went to dinner at Bistro on Berawa since it was on the corner of our hotel. This I when I realized where my Bali belly kept coming from. Do not eat raw foods in Bali unless they have the skins taken off. The lettuce in my salads were making me a little sick. After dinner Ryan and I got drinks at Finn’s Beach Club. It was relaxed and the Bintang is always great.

Day 6

Ryan ended up going out the night before and I went to sleep around 11:30. He got us breakfast that morning so I got to have brekkie in bed. It was some of the best avocado toast I have ever had. We both lounged around a bit and I uploaded photos to Facebook. Then I went off to lunch at Matcha cafe while Ryan rested after his night of partying. The bowl I got was so good, I ended up taking Ryan here for dinner too after we chilled at the beach. We walked around a little and got drinks at a little pool club. This was definitely just a day to relax in Canggu.

Day 7

Ryan went out the night before again so I was up before him and I went to Bali Bowls for breakfast and to journal. By the time he joined me I was just finishing up my first glass of fresh pressed juice and my avo toast. I had another glass of juice and hung out with him. After breakfast we went back to the room so I could drop off my journal and iPad and then we took the motorbike to get a second helmet for him and we were off to Canggu.

It took us a little while to find the crossroad to Canggu and then we drove up and down the main road to see what we wanted to do. We were hungry again so we went to Vida Cafe for lunch. I had a veggie burger with a beet BBQ sauce and a black bun. It tasted great but fell apart like most veggie burgers. The potato wedges were so good with it. We walked around Canggu and did a little shopping there.

Then we went to the beach. I was very disappointed because of all the trash. We were staying at Berawa beach right next to it and it was exponentially cleaner than Canggu and much less crowded.

Ryan drove us back to our hotel where we showered and then went to dinner at Finn’s. I had edamame, an avocado roll, and a Mediterranean pizza with no cheese or pesto. Ryan had a few bites of the edamame and a slice of the pizza but otherwise I ate the entire thing. We stayed for drinks at Finn’s but they weren’t playing very good music.

Day 8

Breakfast this morning was at Two Trees Eatery, where Ryan picked up brekkie two days before. This time I got the chickpea omelet with smashed avocado on the side with a green juice.

We hung out ton the beach all day, I intended to surf but the waves were pretty dead that day. Ryan went back to the room to take a nap, and I enjoyed the sun. Then we had lunch again at Bistro on Berewa and went back to the beach. I got some more beach time and then went back to the hotel to relax.

We watched the sunset and it started to pour so Ryan and I went to the bistro again to get a beer and wait out the rain for dinner.

We ended up going back to Two Trees for dinner because I saw the Alfredo on the menu and had to try it. It was a little peppery but sooooo good.

Day 9

Ryan and I decided to get tattoos in Canggu so we spent the whole day there. (Ryan’s flight was the next morning and mine was that night so we were able to leave our stuff in the hotel all day.

We had brekkie at The Loft and I had the jackfruit poke bowl with avocado toast on the side. The poke was incredible but the toast was only so so. I hadn’t had poke in 4 years so it was cool to try a really good immitation.

Then it was time to get tattoos. We went to Koloni Tattoo Community and it was mostly Russian Tattoo Artists with one Indonesian artist (he did mine). Ryan had to wait a while for his artist to draw up his design so by the time I was done getting tattooed it was Ryans turn. It was a bigger piece so I went and got lunch. I went to Cafe Organics and had the Fysh and Chips. The tartar sauce was so good but the texture of the Fysh wasn’t great so I mostly snacked on the fries.

When Ryan was done we went to Two Trees again (this was seriously my favorite restaurant close to us). I got a different pasta dish but because of my anxiety I only had a few bites and drank a beer to try to settle my nausea. This ended up leading to some food poisoning on my flight (I will write this story in a future post!)

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  1. Thanks for bringing back a good memory. I am day dreaming now:)
    I see many mix food photos.
    Did you try Indonesian food? the famous food in ubud is “babi guling” – roast pork. It was interesting but delicious.


  2. Your trip sounds amazing. How do you hire a driver for the day? I’ve seen people recommending it as the best way to travel around, but is it booked through the hotel? How much is it a day roughly? And omg, I’d love to get a tattoo!! Are they expensive?


    1. My hotel had a free shuttle to and from the center of Ubud since we were 10 minutes from it. Most of the time the hotel manager would drive me but one day a different driver helped me and he sort of advertised himself for a day driver. It was 600K rupiah which is around $42 USD. That alone isn’t bad for a whole day of driving but I did share it with my fried who was with me.
      The tattoo wasn’t too much cheaper than if I were to get it done in the USA. I don’t mind that because it does ensure you are getting a high quality tattoo. I think it was around $140 USD with tip.


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