Spring 2018 Favorites

After being very consistent on my blog, I started feeling like I was posting things I didn’t care very much about for the sake of having a post up that week. I definitely stand behind everything I have posted, but some of it was just fluff. So, I took a break to refocus. As a start back into writing on my blog, here are some of my favorites for the season.


Chasing the Sun. I got this book while I was in Perth, Australia. Its a nonfiction about the different myths and legends about the sun. The author researched so many different cultures and it is so interesting to read, as a fire sign.

The Goddess Within. I FINALLY finished this book. It is so packed with information that I had to stop after every chapter to digest the information. I think every woman should read this book to first understand themselves and then understand the women in their lives.


Spotify Premium. This is so worth it. For how often I listen to music, I don’t know why I didn’t do this sooner. I’ve been listening to so many different playlists but my favorites right now are “Classic Covers” and “Peaceful Piano.” Also Weezer’s cover of Toto’s “Africa” is so great.


Riverdale. I used to read the Archie Comics so I instantly fell in love with the dark twist of the old characters. Its a little predictable but still so fun to watch.


Journaling. When I was traveling I fell back in love with journaling. I don’t do it nearly as often as I did abroad, since there was much more reflection happening traveling alone.

Birkenstocks. I got my first pair 6 years ago when I graduated high school in 2012 and wore them to death. I still have them but they are definitely my dirty hippie shoes, which is definitely a side of me. I got a “new to me” pair (got them “like new” from the app Poshmark) before I went on my trip to Australia, New Zealand, and Bali to have a good pair of walking shoes. I wanted some that could be dressed up. I wore them the entire trip and they broke in while I was in Melbourne and I felt such a difference. Ended the trip with a Birk tan on my feet.

@feministvoice. This is an instagram that posts funny political photos about issues facing the US and the world today. To make my feed a little more woke, I can’t imagine unfollowing them.

I closed off the spring season with celebrating my first Wiccan holiday Litha. It was an experience, and a great way to start the summer. I plan on sharing more about my more spiritual practices on here and I look forward to where I go.

Have a great summer, friends!

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