Things you Should Know about Traveling in New Zealand

Here is the second of the “Things to Know” series and these are my tips for New Zealand.

  • Everyone was so friendly, more so than Australia. Servers and random people at bars would talk to me, and ask me how I was doing. They make jokes and treat you like a friend.
  • The people are very diverse, I love being in a city with people of different backgrounds. The indigenous people are called the Maori but they also have a lot of people who moved from all over the world to live and work in New Zealand. There is a large Asian population, which created a part of Auckland that has a lot of Korean, Thai, Chinese, and Japanese restaurants.

  • Not as many vegan places, make sure to ask what is in each dish, I ordered a miso soup and it had fish in it but that wasn’t listed in the menu. As long as you check the menu before you sit down and ask if they can make certain dishes vegan, you will be fine. They food isn’t as good as it is in the states or Australia, but it was by no means horrible.
  • You never know if you are supposed to order at the bar or if they will come to the table. In Australia, it was a little easier to tell if you were meant to order your food at the bar or the table, but in New Zealand, there wasn’t a distinct way to tell. I could have been in a nice restaurant or a dive and I still couldn’t figure it out.
  • Service isn’t great here either since you don’t tip. Just like Australia, you aren’t expected to tip and that comes across in the service. Things are just slower and its hard to get the servers attention.

  • I didn’t notice the water in the toilets spining in the opposite direction. They all have water conserving toilets (Which was great to see) and the water goes straight in instead of swirling around before going in.

  • This is such a beautiful county and photos will never do it justice. That just means you will have to visit yourself!

Comment below if you have any random tips or notes about New Zealand!

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