Things you Should Know About Traveling in Australia

I’m someone who likes to be as prepared as possible before going to a new place. There are other people who have written similar things to this but these are some new tips I haven’t seen other people talk about. These next few posts are going to be my tips for traveling in Australia, New Zealand and Bali.

  • You need a visa even if you are from the USA. It is very easy to get one and it only costs $15. I always check if I need a visa even if I assume if because it is a English speaking country they won’t require one. BUT Australia is an exception. A lot of people have had issues with not getting a visa, so save yourself the stress and headaches and find out if you need a visa depending on where you are from.
  • There is amazing food. I am and have been such a foodie for a long time, so when I travel I make a list of the restaurants I would like to go to. I will also take note of the neighborhoods there and tourist stops and plan my day that way.

  • Most places are vegan friendly and the staff are happy to make sure they tell you what is vegan or how to make it vegan. The menus usually have a “V” by the vegetarian dishes, and if they aren’t also already vegan those dishes are pretty easy to make vegan

  • Don’t tip unless it was spectacular service. Tipping isn’t a custom and the servers actually make a livable wage. I didn’t realize for a little while that tipping wasn’t as common and one guy actually refused my tip. He said, “Tip me by coming back again.” They will sometimes get embarrassed too. Overall I noticed the service isn’t great and I think it is because of the tipping thing. There isn’t something they need to work towards.
  • Everywhere is pretty safe. There aren’t really any bad neighborhoods or “ghettos.” More like worse off suburbs and towns that have a higher rate of minor crime, not really violent crime. In the actual cities I was in, I was comfortable walking around alone.

  • You don’t get your check at the table, you pay at a cashier station usually at the hostess stand at the bar. I didn’t know this at first and was just sitting at my table until I noticed the people around me getting up to leave and pay. Even if you are at a nice restaurant and you order at your table, you usually will have to pay at the bar.

The next post will be about New Zealand, keep an eye out and let me know if you have any tips I missed about Australia!

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