A Down Under Packing List 2018

This trip I knew I wanted to pack light and travel with a backpack so I had to coordinate outfits and pair down on the luxuries. I did alright for India, but I also had to make sure I was packing warm clothes. I knew this trip was going to be warm in Australia and Bali, with slightly cooler weather in New Zealand, so packing was a little easier.

When packing light, you HAVE to check the weather. You want to be prepared but you can always buy something if a freak storm hits. I found out that Bali was going to be in the end of their monsoon season but New Zealand was creeping into fall (and winter on the South Island, I left the day before some snow fell!). Being a California girl, I am no stranger to layering, so I knew that was the route I would have to take here too.

Below is my packing list, as well as what I wish I brought and what I wish I left behind. Things that are multitaskers have a (M) next to them. I didn’t know they would be multitaskers until I was there and had some happy realizations.

What I brought:

  • Clothes
    • Blue jeans
    • Pink shorts
    • Light grey maxi dress
    • Long sleeve loose sweater
    • 3 short sleeve t-shirts in white, black, and grey
    • 2 white tank tops
    • Pjs – t-shirt, shorts, and long pants
    • Black yoga pants
    • Fun yoga pants
    • 1 sports bra
    • Cropped yoga top
    • Rain jacket (M) also worked as a windbreaker to keep out the cold
    • Denim jacket
    • Bikini
    • Romper beach coverup (M) doubled as another cute, light outfit
    • 1 pair of hiking sock
    • 2 pairs of no-show socks
    • 1 pair of normal athletic socks (ended up losing)
    • Black Birkenstocks
    • Chacos (M) intended for hiking but doubled as shower shoes for the hostel
    • Black Nike running shoes
  • Toiletries
    • Turkish towel
    • Turbie towel for hair (ended up losing in Perth)
    • Pacifica sunscreen
    • Pills and medications
      • Traveller’s diarrhea pills
      • Malaria vaccine pills
      • Melatonin (so happy I brought this by the time I got to Bali, the monkeys decided to have a party on my villa’s roof one night)
    • Disposable razors
    • Menstrual cup
    • Coconut oil (M) served as body oil and hair oil
    • Lush’s Shampoo bar
    • Conditioner
    • Facial cleanser
    • Facial toner
    • Body toner
    • Facial oil
    • Dry brush
    • Face wipes
    • Underarm deodorant wipes
    • Sea Salt hairspray
    • Lush’s Toothy Tabs for toothpaste
    • Travel toothbrush
  • Makeup
    • Becca liquid highlighter
    • Colourpop highlight
    • Colourpop blush
    • Eyebrow gel
  • Miscellaneous
    • Sunglasses (broke them and had to buy a new pair in Perth)
    • Baseball hat
    • UV water bottle
    • Gopro
    • DLSR Camera
    • Dry-bag
    • Small purse
    • First aid kit
    • Chargers
    • Suitcase lock (M) used for the hostel lockers as well
    • Sleep mask
    • Travel journal and pen
    • Clothesline
    • Planner
    • Book (bought a few more on the trip because I ate them up!)

What I wish I had brought:

  • Chapstick. Ended up having to buy it there, which isn’t a huge problem. I just couldn’t find a cruelty-free and vegan one.
  • Microfiber towel. I would have used this towel for the hostel showers and the Turkish towel as my beach/pool towel and yoga mat. When I got to bali and had hotel towels I would have used the microfiber towel as the yoga mat.
  • Power-strip. I brought one to India, and loved it so I don’t know why I didn’t think to bring it this time. I couldn’t charge my DSLR battery at the same time as my phone. First world problem but oh well.
  • Wide-tooth comb. I never brush my hair, I only comb it in the shower with conditioner in my hair. I ended up pulling out loose strands of hair throughout the day.
  • Sun Bum sunscreen. I brought a Pacifica one because the bottle was slimmer but it is not a good sunscreen. It never fully rubs in so you look like you have streaks of white paint all over you. And on top of that it didn’t work, I got a sunburn. I had a bottle of Sun Bum at home, but it is a cruelty-free Aussie company so I was able to buy some in Fremantle. I did end up losing this in Ubud before getting to Canggu so I bought yet another sunscreen that was all-natural and worked great. It didn’t leave a white sheen or leave me unprotected.
  • Glasses. Some days my eyesight is worse and it suck when you are sightseeing and things are blurry.
  • Waterproof pants. It was pouring when I was in Milford Sound. I made a skirt out of a poncho and that worked while on the boat but I skipped going under the waterfall because I didn’t want to sit in my wet pants during the four hour bus ride back.

What I wish I left behind:

  • Planner. I brought it to keep track of my flights and recurring bills, but I used my phone for the flights (and had print outs of every reservation) and I could’ve written the bills on a piece of paper or in the notes on my phone.
  • The second white tank top. I don’t know why I brought 2, I totally could’ve swapped one out for another color or left it out since I bought a few more in Ubud.
  • Sea salt hairspray. Its not the product I wish I didn’t bring but the actual spray bottle. I bought two cheap travel spray bottles for my sea salt spray and the witch hazel toner (ingredients in my skincare post) I use on my body. They didn’t spray. Neither bottle. I wish I went to Amazon like I do for everything and read reviews to buy bottles that actually spray.

I did very well on this trip in terms of not bringing too many things I didn’t need. I had brought almost ten items on that trip that I didn’t need. This time I only had three. If you are taking a similar trip, I hope this helped you get an idea of what to pack.

Happy traveling friends!

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  1. Hey Jessie! Trying to find a good purse that’s secure for traveling. I really like yours because it looks simple and appears as small. Where is yours from and what is the model? I’m looking good in madewell website, and found some good quality ones but they look a little big still. What are your recommendations? Btw this Amanda Conner, Victoria’s friend! Hope all is well. Really enjoyed reading this.

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