Winter 2018 Favourites

While I write this I am in Australia in the cafe of my hostel, and it is the end of summer not the end of winter here. I know it is still freezing in Northern California; its been a looonngg winter so this trip came at a great time. When I get home it’ll be spring, and I am so excited. Here are the things I have loved this winter.


Lauv. I discovered this band through the Olivia O’Brien radio station on Spotify and became obsessed. My favorite songs are “Adrenaline” and “Question.”

G Eazy’s The Beautiful and the Damned. This newest album is amazing. It hypes me up and some of the songs tell such a good story. I don’t normally listen to rap, but this is the style I like. I have been listening to more R&B because of this album.


Adult Sh1t. I have been eating this podcast up. Every time a new episode is released I watch or listen to it the same day. This is a podcast hosted by two women from Buzzfeed, Kate and Kelsey, who talk about mental health, sexuality, general fuck ups to provide us, their listeners, with some advice. They talk about heavy stuff but I always end up laughing out loud listening to them banter. They also film the show so if you have a spare hour its pretty entertaining that way too. In one episode, Kate got her first tattoo.

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The Tearling Trilogy. I still have the last book to read (I am really looking forward to getting home so I can finish it), but these books are so interesting. This story is set in a time very similar to medieval europe, like the Knights of the Round Table with monsters and witches. The heir to the Tearling Kingdom has a monumental job to correct the corruption upheld by her uncle. These novels remind me of things I loved to read when I was young, but it has some more adult themes, that I doubt my mother would have wanting me reading at 14.


Drying Rack. In my senior year of college, my roommates and I had a few drying racks between us and they change the laundry game. Does this make me a boring adult now, that I am excited by laundry accessories? I have ruined so many clothes by putting them in the dryer instead of letting them air dry. It is so simple to just place it on the rack and leave it alone.

Nipple Piercings. (Stop reading Dad). I plan on writing a whole post about the healing process etc, but I love these things. I have been wanting them for about 3 years and decided at the new year, why the hell not. Piercings are great in general because when you are tired of them, just take them out. I want to get more this year, starting with the many I want on my ears.

Ill be home soon but in the meantime Bali here I come!

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