Week 2 has come and gone and now I am more than halfway through this trip. Feels like yesterday I was hopping on a 13 hour flight scarred out of my mind. Now I feel much more settled. Obviously not physically settled since every 3 days or so I am back on a plane heading to a different city. Definitely mentally settled. My anxiety isn’t irrationally flaring up and I don’t feel like staying in my hostel all day because I’m too nervous to go out.

Since my mind has settled, I have been self reflecting, which tends to be one of the biggest lessons learned in solo travel. These are some of the things I have learned so far:

My feelings of deja vu have come back. Some things I know I have dreamt them before they happened, and I have just forgotten the dream or thought it was mundane. Just the other day I was sitting in an indie cafe eating some brekkie and drinking tea. The windows and doors were open to the street and the sky was overcast. The decor, weather, and my specific drink aren’t a coincidence. I also realized I had the dream months before I had started planning this trip (so approximately 8 months ago). It happened in India too. In one of our classes we were in a drum circle and deja vu washed over me. I realized I had dreamt that exact moment. Not the specific song but the drum circle, an Indian man was our teacher, and one of the students was from Thailand. I had also had that dream months before but I had forgotten about it until in the exact moment the dream was predicting. I know I need to meditate more and practice mindfulness and record my dreams (even the seemingly mundane ones). I used to be so much more diligent about recording my dreams, but have been slacking lately. I think everyone has certain psychic abilities, we just haven’t figured out how to harness them yet.

I have been making mental notes (and real ones in my phone) of things I’ve noticed calm my anxiety. I plan on making a post about this in detail after I am home.

There are also certain things about myself that I haven’t fully put together. When I was in the ocean in Perth, I started thinking about why I love the ocean so much. Even if the water is freezing like it is in Northern California, I have this drive to feel the water on my feet. I usually go in to about my knees. I was thinking about my astrological sign and had forgotten that my moon sign was Pisces. When I looked into moon in Pisces I confirmed my belief that that was why I am such a water baby. I also learned that is where my intense empathy and compassion comes from. Leo’s are always portrayed as hard headed and a bit more ego-centric but people’s whose moon is in Pisces are more creative and sensitive. I’ve never fully connected to my star sign but after learning about my moon sign it makes much more sense to me.

I have another 2 weeks to go on this trip and I can’t wait to see what new revelations come.

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