The Namaste Series: My Yoga Altar

Part of keeping a yoga practice is making it sacred and important. My way is creating a sacred space to practice, and devoting that space only be for yoga. I created a mini altar in my last room. In my new room/suite I have a lot more space to devote to my yoga practice.

In the wicker basket I keep blocks, yoga bags and travel straps, my old Gaim mat, and a foam roller thing I haven’t figured out how to use yet. I sometimes put my yoga wheel in the basket too but I usually roll it between the bookcase and the altar. I use the pillow for meditation because my legs fall asleep very easily without padding. I now use the Liforme yoga mat and I really like it.

Next to the basket, I have a small bookcase that has my yoga books from a course I took in college about the history of yoga, my text book from my yoga teacher training with my notes, and some yoga books I got to further my education.I also have a notebook for making flows and different sections in it with my goals and poses/exercises for those specific goals. There is a yoga mat cleaning spray and massage balls in the bookcase too. My essential oil diffuser lives on top with the little measuring cup that came with it. I want to put a little succulent on there too.

On top of my altar I put a mirror mostly for meditations but it also has been helpful in postures too. I keep my sage and palo santo here in a shell I got when I was in college in Florida for the ash. Below that I have a rupee coin from my travels in India. Below the candle is a crystal pendulum.

The crystals I like to keep on top of my altar are:

1. Clear quartz: Opens the mind to guidance from the spiritual world, so I like to keep it around for meditation.

2. Aquamarine (there are two of these): It is calming and inspires letting go, great for a posture yoga practice or meditation.

3. Stilbite: In meditation this stone helps make you aware of other realities and dimensions.

4. Amethyst: This stone is almost a cure all. For my yoga practice it is supposed to provide clarity and connect to your spirituality.

5. Polished Labradorite palm stone: This is my favorite stone. It also connects you to the spirit world and the universe. It also provokes creativity.

6. Selenite wand: This is another favorite. Selenite is the only stone that for one, doesn’t need to be charged. It also charges other crystals. I use the wand specifically for cleansing my tarot and oracle cards and cleansing my crystals.

7. Polished Selenite palm stone: Since it is one of my favorite it have it in more than one form. Palm stones are great for meditation as they sit nicely in your hand. Selenite gives clarity, great if I am meditating on a question.

8. Desert Rose: When I first saw one of these I was mesmerized. It gives courage, which in some yoga poses is needed.

9. Celestite: I keep these around for increasing intuition and promoting calmness in my life. It can connect you to your spirit guides as well.

10. Smokey Quartz: This stone is well known for absorbing bad energy. And in taking in the bad it leaves you with clarity. Also great for meditation or keeping the scattered mind at bay during my yoga practice.

11. Ametrine: A hybrid of amethyst and citrine, this stone provides motivation and clears out indecisiveness.

12. Blue Lace Agate: Like aquamarine, this stone invokes an ocean-like calmness and uplifts and encourages.

Under the crystals I keep my yoga strap for stretching and assists and my card decks. The oracle cards are made by Amy Sophia Marashinsky and illustrated by Hrana Janto. They are based on the goddesses of different cultures and are used much like tarot cards. The tarot deck I have is called The Starchild Tarot and it is made by Danielle Noel.

On the opposite wall I have an intriguing tapestry I came across on Urban Outfitters. The colors attracted me and I am obsessed with anything that has a mandala on it. I love the sun and moon elements with other spiritual symbols like the eye and palms with an eye in them.

My sacred space for a long time was wherever I rolled out my mat. It served me very well while I was living in dorm rooms in college. Now that I am more settled in, having an altar has enhanced my yoga practice.

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