The Namaste Series: The Best Inexpensive Activewear

In terms of working out, nothing is more exciting than walking into your yoga class loving your leggings. Many magazines say that a good motivator for showing up to class or on your mat is buying new and cute activewear, and I totally agree. When I first got into yoga in 2014, my wardrobe was lacking in yoga pants period because I was more of a “gym rat” in high school and only wore running shorts. I didn’t have much money so I tried a lot of places for inexpensive yoga clothes. Here are some places to go to and where to not go for activewear.

Forever 21:

The yoga pants from here are so good! Their yoga pants filled my closet in college because they are so inexpensive and are actually great for working out. There are some that work but end up ripping or are a little see through when bending over, but most of them are great quality. Now there are more pricey options on their website, but the reliable ones are in the $25-30 range, and some gems are in the $10-15 range. They have a lot of great designs and colors. A lot of the designs are similar to more expensive brands like my favorite Alo Yoga. Their workout tops and sports bras are great too, but I tend to pick those up at Target.

Forever 21 Lasercut Capri Leggings $14.90

Forever 21 Mesh-Insert Leggings $22.90 – I wanted these in Eggplant so bad but they didn’t have my size.


I have never picked up a pair of yoga pants/general workout pants that have not ridden down with just a couple steps nevertheless a down dog. I do love target for their sports bras though. They are very supportive and soft, and I like being able to try them on in person.

Aerie by American Eagle:

The yoga pants and activewear from Aerie are incredibly comfortable for lounging but I would not recommend them for working out or yoga. They are a bit see through when bending over and also ride down with a lot of movement. I almost bought a new pair to see if they had improved their designs but after reading reviews that said what I just wrote, I passed.


This isn’t a brand but an App where you can buy and sell clothes and accessories. I use Poshmark to buy my expensive brands used at a much lower cost to me. I have gotten all of my Teeki yoga pants from here. Full price they are around $75, but I have purchased most at $30 from sellers on Poshmark. The Alo pants I have bought are usually $100 at least and I can find them from $60-75. It’s still pricey compared to $15 ones from Forever 21 but the quality is definitely worth the price tag and they last a long time. I love Poshmark because I can find these brands at a lower price, AND you can find discontinued colors or styles. The deep green moto leggings below are no longer available through Alo’s website. The burnt orange Teeki leggings are also no longer available. The Amelia top in Sea Mist was recently brought back on the website but it is currently sold out.

Alo Yoga Green Moto Leggings Full Price: $110 Poshmark: $75

Alo Yoga Black Moto Leggings Full Price: $110 Poshmark: $75

Alo Yoga Amelia Sea Mist Crop Top Full Price: $60 Poshmark: $30

Teeki Leggings Full Price: $72 Poshmark: $40

Same Amelia Top as before just on backwards to have the criss-cross in the back

{I was NOT sponsored by Forever 21 or Poshmark for this post}

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