Summer Favorites

Summer has ended, but I won’t forget the many memories and lessons I’ve learned. Here are some of my favorites over the past few months. 

I’ve really gotten into Hulu a lot more, so its no surprise that a lot of the TV shows I’m hooked on are Hulu Originals.

-The Handmaid’s Tale. I love dystopian novels and movies, so I couldn’t resist watching this series. Now I’m counting down the days until the next season!

-Harlots. This show is awsome because it shows the harlots and prostitutes as in control of their sexuality, instead as fragile girls. 

-Casual. I have a love hate relationship with this show, but it is interesting to see how different aspects of your life effect your views on sex

-This is Us. While Casual can make you feel jaded about love, This is Us will make you hopeful.

There have been some awsome new releases in music this summer. Many of which I listen to on repeat!

-Kesha’s Rainbow. This album is her first after 5 years, and you can hear her emotions in her songs on this album. She sings about loving herself and the outcasts. Love and spaceships. Her personality truely shines through in this album.

-Ella Vos. I discovered her music from one of the many instagram yogis I follow, and it is my go to spotify station when I do yoga.

-Halsey’s Hopeless Fountain Kingdom. I fell in love with this chick after hearing her in the Chainsmokers’ song. This new album is awsome, and I am so excited to go to her concert.

-Paramore’s After Laughter. This album is different from everything Paramore has done so far. The 80’s influence goes so well with Hailey William’s voice. Most of the songs are fast paced but are all sad when you listen to the lyrics. They are definitely toe-tappers though.

-Astrid S. I listened to her almost a year ago, and I rediscovered her when she released her newest EP. Her acoustic versions of the songs on the EP show how beautiful her voice is.

-Trevor Hall. This is another one of my go to artists for yoga, or chill music. He lets his spirituality show through in his music.


-You Are A Badass. I read this while in Mexico. The author’s voice keeps this a page turner, and I love how the end of every chapter ends with “Love Yourself”

-The Art of Hearing Heartbeats. I picked this book up in Ashland, OR on my PNW road trip. The stories told in this book were so beautiful and reminded me of the small villages in India I visited. 


Midori Bikinis. I got this bikini for my trip to Mexico. The material is such good quality, and the cut is super cute.

-Podcasts. As well as reading more, I’ve been wanting to listen to more podcasts to open my mind. I like Not Too Deep by Grace Helbig for a laugh. For more spiritual and good vibes, Soul On Fire by The Balanced Blonde, From The Heart by Yoga Girl, and Free Cookies with Kathryn Budig and her girlfriend Kate Fagan. I am also subscribed to certain topics with Ted Talks. 

-Facemasks. I’ve had some skin issues lately so I have been very aware of what I use on my skin and ways to cleanse it. I have my trusty ones and I have picked up new ones to try. I hope to write a blog post about my favorite vegan facemasks. 

-Road trips. I went on a few road trips this summer, and while I am set for a while, I really enjoyed the time to myself listening to music or podcasts. I learned a lot about myself, and saw some beautiful places.

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