Arctic Fox Vegan Hair Dye Review

I discovered Arctic Fox through Kristen Leanne’s (one of the cofounders) youtube channel. I followed her because she spoke her mind, promoted cruelty free products, and also because she is a badass goddess with her always changing hair color and her tattoos. Recently I have gotten the itch to dye my hair lavender, but what was holding me back was if my work would allow it. Upon asking some coworkers, they said go for it since previous girls had done it before. I’m pretty sure I bought the dye, bowls, and brushes the next day. 

I watched a lot of videos about how to dye your hair at home, and lots of Arctic Fox reviews before biting the bullet. What stood out about Arctic Fox is that they are vegan and cruelty free. I will never buy a product, home cleaning, makeup, or hair products, that have animal products in it, or has been tested on an animal. The company also donates 15% of their profits to charities benefiting animals. One charity is in the US and the other is international. I sectioned off my review to the phases of having the hair dye in and then a quick recap of the review below. Enjoy!


I have long thick hair so I ordered the 8 oz. bottle of Girls Night which is described as a lavender, but the swatch online looked more pink to me so I ordered a 4 oz. bottle of Periwinkle and Sterling to make it a more blue lavender. I used the full bottle of Girls Night and maybe a quarter of Periwinkle. I only used a few drops of Sterling.

My hair is light brown with blonde balayage, which I haven’t had touched up in months, so there is a lot of brown.

First Thoughts:

This hair dye smells like the candy grape flavor, so different from the toxic fumes from when I would bleach my hair years ago. It really feels like a conditioning treatment, like the website says. 

Post Drying and Styling: 

I love the color that came from mixing the three I chose. I ended up with a multidimensional look that is a blue-ish, silver lavender. The brown in my hair got darker with a purple tone and the ends showed more blue. My hair feels softer, and while I still need a trim to cut off the broken ends, it made my hair feel like I had done a deep conditioning treatment.

Post Washing:
The smell sticks to my hair a lot, which I don’t mind because I like the way it smells. No one close to me disliked the scent either which is a plus. I washed my hair with shampoo every three to four days. But because of my hair’s texture I would wet it with cold water after my shower, when normally I would just dunk it in the hot water. 

The color faded very nicely into a silvery blue. I like the silver/grey hair trend so I was into the transition. My blonde hair looks more cool toned after all the color is faded out, like I did a bunch of toning with purple shampoo. It faded out completely in about 2 weeks.
Overall thoughts:

I loved the color I got when I mixed the three shades. It was super easy to mix, and I could get a good idea of the shade when I swatched it on a paper towel. Because I had dark hair in most places I would consider this shade a tint. The grape smell persisted until the last of the color disappeared.

Next time I will probably leave the color on for much longer than I did, even though I did leave it on for 2 hours (I’d probably do 5 hours next time). When I get my hair lightened again I plan on using just the periwinkle and do a dip dye style. I would definitely recommend this hair dye; it’s a good product, it’s vegan and cruelty-free, and on top of everything they donate 15% of their profit to an international and a USA animal charity. 

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