Raw Vegan Reflection

I have officially come to the end of my raw vegan challenge. I learned a lot about my own health and how I want to eat in the future. I also realized I am weak when it comes to food and I need my burritos. 

I can notice the changes in my digestion more easily. When I decided to do Raw til 4 instead of fully raw, my body didn’t feel as light and my digestion seemed to take longer and weighed me down. It’s also easy to eat less healthy foods when you include cooked food. 

If I worked from home or in a job that didn’t involve constant interaction with guests, I feel like I would have been more successful. Also while I did have access to fruits and vegetables, it was hard to find them cheaply. At the grocery store, it was a little bit more expensive because I had to buy so much more. I thought farmers markets would be better, and they were a little cheaper, there was a lot less variety. In late spring-early summer there are A LOT of fruits and vegetables in season, but my small market only had stone fruit (peaches, cherries, nectarines, plums). There weren’t a whole lot of vegetables either. If I lived in a larger town and/or one in a tropical climate, there probably would be a lot more variety for less money.

I loved the recipes that came out of this challenge though. Here are my favorites:
Chocolate Banana Smoothie:

2-3 bananas

2 spoonfuls of raw cacao powder,

8 pitted dates

2 spoonfuls of raw cashew butter

1-1.5 cups of water

Blend all together until smooth. I drank this most mornings

Raw Kelp Pad Thai I fell in love with kelp with this recipe. (Photo above of mine)

Raw Kelp Hempseed Alfredo

Pinterest is your best friend if you want to try a raw vegan challenge. There are so many recipes and the fun thing about raw vegan is that the longest part of making the dishes is blending and throwing it together. The longest a recipe took was at most 20 minutes because I had to chop or spiralize. I will probably do a raw vegan clease again, but I may just keep it at 2 weeks (I got a little bored of salads). 

I will continue to eat mostly Raw til 4 because I really enjoy how I feel with that diet. Still clean because of the raw foods but I get to eat the yummy cooked foods I love so much. I think it is the perfect balance for health and for someone who is a foodie!

Comment below if you try any of these recipes and tell me what you think!

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