Raw Vegan Update

I am halfway through my Raw Vegan Challenge! I have hit some road bumps, but I’ll start with how I have been feeling. I haven’t felt weighed down after meals, much lighter feeling. I have been very aware of making sure I have snacks with me at work when I can’t go eat like I could at home. The first few days I felt a little tired, I was also experiencing alergies so I don’t know what to attribute this symptom to. I have been feeling full, but tired. Exhaustion can be a sign of the detox period or it can be a sign you are not eating enough in a day. But since I have felt full I am not super worried.

I have been missing the variety of cooked food. On the other hand I really like how little time it takes to prepare raw food. The most time consuming part is chopping all the veggies. I have been burping more often, which I think is from the more airy nature of raw food, plus eating more food gets more air into your stomach.

At day 10 I decided to do partially Raw til 4. It is very difficult to make sure I have all the ingredients for what I would like to make for dinners. It is also a bit more expensive because I am eating a lot more fresh food. You eat a lot more when you are eating raw to get completely full. I am a foodie so its hard for me to just eat a big salad for dinner, while I have found a couple great recipes I will share at the end of the challenge.

I have noticed a change in my body after incorporating a cooked meal in a day. My stomach feels heavier but I feel more full and satisfied. I will try to be fully raw 4 out of 7 days a week because of the heavy feeling. The foods I cook for dinner will be plant-based with as little processed foods as possible. I feel like eating Raw til 4 will be the best compromise for the rest of the month and I look forward to finishing the challange!

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