Raw Vegan Meal Plan

The biggest tip across the board for beginners in becoming raw vegan, be it 30 days or the rest of your life, is to plan your meals. Have what you need in case you get hungry. Water is always a must but in this lifestyle you always have to be conscious of your water intake. Here is a basic meal plan, I am expecting this will change as I go along and find the foods I like.


*Start day with lemon water*

Green Smoothie- Have half at home and half at work

Smoothie bowl- Mix things up by adding fruits and nuts 

Fruit Salad

Half a watermelon or papaya


Green Smoothie/ Smoothie bowl

Salad- Vegan Caprese, Mixed Greens

Avocado with cayenne, salt, and lime juice



Zoodles (Zucchini noodles)

Experiment with recipes like raw flatbread


Dried Fruit



Small easy to eat fruit like apple or pear

All of the meals will probably be larger than I am used to, but I plan on eating intuitively and eating when I am hungry. My raw vegan challenge starts today and I’m so excited!

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