Raw Vegan 30 Day Challenge

Since going vegan I’ve heard a lot about the benefits of eating raw whole plant foods. Either being fully raw or being “Raw ‘til 4” is the best way to be vegan. I’ve been wanting to try it but I knew it is too cold here in Northern California to do it during the fall or winter. Plus the selections of fruits and veggies are a lot larger in the summer compared to the colder months. I decided the best time to try going raw would be in the summer. Starting June 1st I am going to eat fully raw and see how my body responds. In typical Jessie-style, I have done A LOT of research to make sure I get the nutrients I need. I was particularly worried about protein since I won’t be able to eat soy or other beans that have higher levels of protein than other plants. As long as I eat a variety of fruits and vegetables with a low amount of healthy fats from nuts and avocados I will be fine. 

One person I’ve found particularly helpful is Jack Albritton on youtube. He is very calm and doesn’t try to be anyone’s guru in the Raw vegan journey. He has lots of tips but his number one is to do your own research. Do not rely on one person. If you want to try a 30 day raw challenge, do not copy exactly what he does or has done, or what I am planning on doing. Get lots of information and come to your own conclusions.

I plan on going to the grocery store and farmer’s market a lot. I’ve learned that you will eat a lot more, so I’m probably going to get produce every 2-3 days and going to the market twice a week. In Napa, our farmer’s market is held Tuesdays and Saturdays starting at 6 AM so I can go before work and get my fresh fruits and veggies.

I will post my basic meal plan I am going to follow while I get used to the change. I plan on checking in after 15 days and then doing a final reflection on my experience. 

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