My Dream Morning Routine

I believe putting your goals out into the universe is a great way to hold yourself accountable and to make your goals a reality. One of my longtime goals was to have a morning routine. Most people would love to be one of those unicorns who wake up at 6 AM every morning and work out, read, eat breakfast, and just have a leisurely morning. Sleep is also an amazing thing, and your bed is always more cozy than walking around in your cold room. I know I can wake up early when needed, because I did it for 30 days in India. Even when I slept in, it was only as late as 7:30 AM. I woke up at 6:15 every morning to have time to wake my body up, get changed and get a cup of hot tea before yoga class at 7 AM. When I got back to the states. I was waking up around 5:30-6:30 in the morning because of the jet lag. I loved it though, because I could do yoga and have enough time to eat a big breakfast and get ready for work. 

Waking up that early gives you a lot more time in the day. As someone who loves the sun, I always enjoy those mornings when the sun comes up and everything is quiet. Most people are asleep or just getting their morning coffee to drag themselves out of bed. 

By waking up earlier I want to devote some time to yoga every day. I always say I will do it after work, but that rarely happens. When I do start my day with yoga, I see a huge difference in my mood and energy levels. Below is the timeline of my ideal mornings. 

6:15 AM          Wake up and make tea

6:30 AM          Sit with tea, candles lit, sage or incense burning. Meditate on intentions or tarot/goddess cards

6:45 AM          Turn on music and do morning flow, sun salutations to warm up body

7:00 AM          Morning workout, vinyasa or HIIT workout

7:45 AM          Shower and get ready for work while listening to podcasts

8:45 AM          Eat breakfast

I don’t expect this to be how it goes every morning, but if I adopt just 2 of these things eventually the rest will come. My days off may start later and won’t include a workout but for the most part I think this is an achieveable morning routine.
Keep an eye out for my Dream Nighttime Routine!

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