February 2017 Favorites

So far, this year has been a happy one for me. There have been small lows, just within my own mood, but they have been greatly diminished by the highs. I have been more grateful and positive. I’ve noticed happy moments and I’ve ignored the bad ones. Yesterday I watched a mom with her two young boys checking out in Trader Joe’s and it made my day. The boys wanted to get her a birthday card, she let them choose one and they secretly let the cashier scan it and then he got them pens to write her a note. And after they kept hiding the card behind their backs on the way out. If I was PMSing I would have cried from the cuteness! This is just one example of how I’ve been letting small things like this make me happy even if I had a blah day at work. I’ve been doing more things to promote self love in my life, Here is a list of some things that have been making me happy this month (material and nonmaterial). 
First is music; I’ve been listening and finding a lot of new (and new to me) music.

  1. Everything I’ve heard from The Head and the Heart is amazing. I’ve noticed their second album sounds a lot like Kopecky, so if you like that one a lot check Kopecky out!
  2. Neptune “Two Blue Eyes.” Maybe this is because it’s because I have blue eyes but I’m digging this love song.
  3. Dermot Kennedy “After Rain.” 
  4. Beyoncé Lemonade. This album is awesome and I know I’m late to the Lemonade game.
  5. The Chainsmokers “Paris” 

One of my New Year’s Resolutions is to use what I have and stop what Jenna Marbles once called “goo hoarding” so I am working on using up my makeup but there are a few makeup favorites this month.

  1. e.l.f. Baked highlighter
  2. Tarte tinted moisturizer 
  3. Tarte Rainforest of the Sea foundation

I finally have time to read for pleasure now that I am not in school anymore, so I have a long list of books I want to read. Here are the few I’ve started (or finished) and am loving.

  1. The Soul Searchers Handbook by Emma Mildon (finished this one, it took about a year with my class work and the last chapter fell at the best time in my life to truly absorb what it meant.)
  2. Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert(this is the author of Eat Pray Love and she is such an amazing writer!)
  3. Perfectly Imperfect by Baron Baptiste (this one is really inspiring my yoga practice)

Now here is the list of my random favorites this month. Some I have been loving since January too.

  1. Year of You. I’ve been watching Marissa Lace on YouTube for a few years now. She did Year of You for 2016 to create habits to live a better life. I liked the idea of it then but now I am much more open to it and am participating this year!
  2. Meal tracking/planning. I’ve had a few slip ups with being vegan the last few months with dairy and I want to hold myself accountable and make sure I am eating clean.
  3. Cooking. This is also connected to the meal tracking. By cooking my own food I am eating fresh and clean. I am enjoying cooking a lot more lately, which I can tell my dad loves since he went to cooking school.
  4. Long drives on the roads less traveled. I have been loving taking long drives through scenic areas (this isn’t hard in the Napa and Sonoma areas) and enjoying the views and music I play.
  5. Meeting new people, hearing their stories and what they are passionate about. This has always been an interest of mine but I am falling for it all over again.

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