Colourpop’s Vegan Highlighters

Colourpop highlighters are some of my favorite, and the price is insane for how amazingly pigmented they are. Each highlighter is $8 and there are so many to choose from. The ones I am swatching are all vegan, but there are 3 or 4 more vegan ones that I don’t have. Or if you don’t exclusively by cruelty-free and vegan makeup, there are a handful of other highlighters that aren’t vegan. Colourpop is a cruelty-free brand that has so many vegan friendly products (all of their lippie stix and lippie pencils are vegan!). For the most part these highlighters are long lasting, the exceptions will be noted in the individual review of the shades. The shade descriptions come from the Colourpop website, they are very accurate with all of their descriptions and show swatches for most of their products on different skin tones. 

Fanny pack is a pearlized silvery-white. It can be very intense on the cheekbones but if you apply lightly and build it up slowly it is really pretty. It leaves a sheen to the cheekbones, its not glittery or metallic. If you have a very fair complexion, this highlighter will be great for you because it is so stark white. 

Flexitarian is an intense white champagne. This is the most intense of Colourpop highlighters I own. It’s metallic not glittery. It comes across this intense on the cheek if you want it to, you can also keep it understated. It comes off metallic on the cheekbones, but can be applied lightly too. 

Lunch Money is a soft light gold with a reflective duo chrome finish. On the cheekbones it has more of a champagne finish. It leaves a natural sheen.

School is Fun is a soft iridescent duo chrome gold. It comes off as a true gold on the cheekbones. While it is appropriate for my skin tone, gold is very warm and it is hard for me to pull off. It has a nice sheen so if you look for these types of gold highlighters, go for it!

Spoon is a light silver champagne with multi-dimensional silver flecks. The silver glitter doesn’t show up when you swatch but it is very noticeable from the cheekbones. It is a beautiful highlight but I try not to wear it too often because of the glitter. It leaves a sheen and then has glitter on top of it.

Smokin’ Whistles is a cool-toned, pink champagne with silver highlights. This was the first highlighter I got from Colourpop, and it was the only one I had for a long time before I added more to my collection. I really love this one, for the sentimental value, plus it is super versatile. It leaves a beautiful natural sheen to your cheekbones.

Dream Catcher is a soft, peachy-gold with soft pink duo chrome. This doesn’t seem to be available anymore, but colourpop always brings things back. It can sometimes be dark on the skin but when applied with a stippling brush, just the right amount of product is left on the skin. The duo chrome isn’t very obvious on the cheeks, if that is something that you don’t like.

Butterfly Beach is a warm peach with silver highlights. This is too dark for me unfortunately, but it is great when I am tan or as a blush/bronzer topper. When layered thinly I can wear this with more pale skin, but I cant wait for my trip to Mexico to rock this all the time.

Monster is a light pink with an opalescent finish. When I put this on my face the word I kept thinking was “holographic.” I love how cool it looks on the skin but it is better for music festivals and costumes so I will not be wearing this to work. 

Over The Moon is a violet, pink, and blue duo chrome topped with hot pink and violet glitters. The texture of this highlighter, along with Honeymoon and Perilune, is different from the other highlighters in Colourpop’s line. It is more wet feeling instead of cushion-y. This tone is like a glittery version of Monster. Again, I love the effect but it is too much for an everyday look in my job. Because of the glitter, its not very long lasting. Maybe if topped with a similar powder highlight it would last longer.

Honeymoon is an icy baby blue highlighted with pink and violet duo chrome sparkle. This is another glittery highlight. It comes off as icy blue but more dominated by the violet glitter. It’s super pretty but kind of similar to over the moon because of that pink and purple sparkle. 

Perilune is green and gold opalescent with duo chrome glitters. This comes off kind of flakey, I would imagine that would be from the glitters. It isn’t a super wearable shade but I wore it too a holiday party. It began to look more gold on the cheeks because of my skin tone. This seemed to be not as long lasting because of the flakey-ness.

To apply these highlighters it is best to use your fingers or a synthetic brush. I switch between the two depending on the highlighter or the effect I want on the skin. To make it more intense, I would suggest your fingers. This is my favorite brush for applying the highlighters. It’s the wet n’ wild small stipple brush, and its only $2.99. These brushes are cruelty free and vegan because of the synthetic bristles. 

You can not go wrong with any of these highlighters or any of the other ones from the Colourpop website. They are one of my favorite brands for how affordable but high quality they are. They are about to launch single pressed shadows that are all vegan and I cant wait to get my hands on them!

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