Dharma Yoga Wheel Review

I have a love affair with my yoga wheel. I have a tight thoracic spine (upper back area) and this gives me a gentle stretch to open my chest. The Dharma Yoga Wheel comes in different shapes and sizes and now has different materials. I have the original wheel, but if I was buying the wheel now I would have gotten the Eco Wheel, which is made out of recycled materials. The Dharma Yoga Wheel website has a very clear and informative page on which wheel may be best for you and what you are wanting to get out of the wheel. 

I like using my wheel for stretching before or after my practice. 

There are so many ways to stretch with the wheel, and as your practice and strength grows there are various exercises you can do with the wheel. Since my upper back is tight, I am only using this for stretching until I improve my strength.

I am looking forward to using the wheel with my different arm balances. I have come across different instagram accounts that inspire different stretches and exercises with the wheel. First the company’s instagram is the best one because they repost other people pictures of their poses with the wheel, @dharmayogawheel. And my second favorite is @courtney108. She uses the wheel for handstand exercises and it is something I want to work my practice toward.

There are a few yoga wheels on the market nowadays, but I am glad I chose this one. I am very pleased with the durability and quality of the materials. Some people stand on the wheel and do balancing poses (I do not have the balance for this yet), and the wheel can hold the weight. I like how this wheel opens a door for a yoga practitioner’s creativity. I will continue to use and love this wheel and if you are interested in your own wheel, here is the link to the Dharma Yoga Wheel Website.
PS. Comment below if you would like to see some example poses with the wheel, how to get into them etc.

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