Great Teachers

I’m in the home stretch of my yoga teacher training (YTT) and my first major trip. We are mostly working on our final practical exam. We will teach in groups so it’s not going to be as scary. I’m mostly excited. I’m teaching a vinyasa sequence and I get to get creative. I’m not sure exactly what poses I want to do yet but we have lots of time to work on our teachings. 

In my classes I kept thinking back to teachers I’ve met in my life so far, specifically my first yoga teacher Nicole. In an alignment class, we were doing shoulder-stands and as I was doing mine my teacher was going to use me as an example for an adjustment but he noticed I didn’t need my shoulders adjusted. I remembered how Nicole took it upon herself to know where I needed to be adjusted as my practice grew. 

A lot of people in my YTT, and other people I’ve met, only went to a couple yoga classes and decided they would rather teach themselves. A bad teacher can change your experience completely; I was lucky to have a great first teacher. I have come across a couple not so great teachers, but I know how amazing some others can be.

I hope I can be as great one day at safely and gently teaching people, be it yoga or anything, as some of the great people I have met. Now I have a new example in my YTT teacher Tara! He is very devoted to his practice and it’s very interesting to meet a man like that who is also pretty yong for how wise he is.

While we are all happy to be here practicing we are getting tired. That is expected when you are doing yoga 6 days a week and for about 12 hours for 5 of those days. I’m going to miss being here but I have another week to enjoy this beautiful area!

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