Anastasia Beverly Hills Glow Kits

I purchased two of the Anastasia Beverly Hills Glow Kits about two months ago. These are the kits I thought I could use on an everyday basis. I have Gleam and Sun Dipped. Sun Dipped is available for purchase still but I haven’t been able to find Gleam available on the typical shopping sites. I have fair skin so the other wearable glow kits were too dark for me. My overall thoughts on this product is this… These things are amazing!

The highlight can be built up to your desired glow. They are not glittery and they last on the skin. There are so many options in the kit because they can be mixed if you are feeling creative. Some of the shades look too dark on my skin so I blend them with the lighter shades in the kit.

Each of the 4 pan kits and the 6 pan moon child kit are $40 and the new Ultimate Glow Kit is $45. I think the quality of the product and the amount you get in each pan is definitely worth the price. One of Becca’s highlighters run you $38. In the glow kit you get 4 different large highlighters.

It is also convenient that the pans can be removed from the palette. I haven’t made use of that aspect of the packaging but I plan to when I travel and only want to bring a couple highlighters in a Z Palette.

I bought the cool toned and warm toned kits because my skin tone can lean cool sometimes. The Gleam kit is leans more neutral on me so it can work when I am tanned and more warm toned or when I am pale and more cool toned. Above is a picture of the Gleam Kit, you can see it is well loved! Below are the swatches in order of Hard Candy, Mimosa, Starburst, and Crushed Pearl.

Hard Candy is a duochrome pink and bronze. Mimosa is a bronze that can be used as a bronzer if you are fair or if you are darker in complexion this would be a beautiful highlighter. Starburst is a light pink sheen and Crushed pearl is a pearly vanilla. On the cheekbones Starburst comes out more white than pink but is still very beautiful. This kit swatches less pigmented than the Sun Dipped kit, but can be built up easily on the cheeks.

Above is a picture of the Sun Dipped kit, also very well loved! The swatches below show how pigmented this kit is. This one was released after Gleam so maybe the formula changed.

The order of the swatches are Bronzed, Summer, Tourmaline, and Moonstone. I’ve never used Bronzed, but after swatching it I was inspired to use it as a eyeshadow. Summer is more golden than Moonstone. Moonstone is more peach toned. I’ve blended Tourmaline with Summer and Moonstone to make it lighter, but this one would also be a great eyeshadow.

These are some of my favorite highlighters and if you’re a fan of highlighters you’ll enjoy the these kits.

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